About Bitdax Global Trading

BiTDAX Global is a (token-based trading platform) registered in the UK and other related countries and jurisdictions, to provide research and financial partnerships to blockchain startups and in the development of Artificial Intelligence in trading the forex market and other commodities market.

The organization has taken the lead by creating a community of researchers, traders, developers, financiers and marketers across the globe. Spending almost half a decade in developing its unique Grade A classified trade algorithm on the stock and forex market, it has now applied its technology through Artificial Intelligent trading to cryptocurrencies; mainly Bitcoin and other altcoins. It has also positioned itself as a Global Capital Venture in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) incubation.


Through extensive research and developments, the Company has created crowd trading opportunities and platforms for its Community members across selected countries to benefit from this trend. Becoming a Community member is a personal decision for wealth creation, a pioneer of a new technology, early starter of a revolution in wealth and eventually exploring the world through travelling opportunities, networking and education in the Blockchain industry. Bitdax is truly helping individuals and partners create additional income and profits without boundaries


The company dedicates team of volunteers and resources to support courses, finance research, Scholarships for developers for further studies and helps improve the healthcare of devasted Children in developing Countries. This call for humanitarian support, forms part of the organization’s vision of creating an ecosystem of ordinary life improvement and community supports.

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