Through extensive and developements, the company has created crowd trading opportunities and platforms for its community members across selected countries to benefit from this trend. Becoming a community member is a personal decision for wealth creation, a pioneer of a new technology, early starter of a revolution in wealth and eventually exploring the world through travelling opportunities, networking and education in the blockchain industry. BiTDAX is truly helping individuals and partners create additional income and profits without boundaries. BiTDAX provides you with the smart way to earn in the Cryptocurrency Market.


As Bitdax Business Trader, you profit from every Bitdax Token purchased.You earn upto 0.5% daily profits for a specified period of trading. Profits are accrued from Monday to Friday and credited in your Bitdax Wallet for withdraw into your Bitcoin or Etherum Wallet or any local payment system used through a merchant. Approximately upto 2.5% weekly returns in earnings are what most of our members are achieves. NB: Your capital is not included in the daily profits paid. Meaning 10% monthly is the overall profits.


Truly unique and revolutionary. You get to earn a Matching rewards of upto 50% in bonus tokens through referrals and growing your business through a community that cares. You profits from this Bonus Tokens on a daily basis, meaning you earn an average profits of 0.5% daily for 20 trading days. The uniqueness in this is bonuses are not paid upfront and this allows the trade team to achieve meaningful profits consistently.


Bitdax appreciates the efforts of every Business and Community Builder through incentives such as a luxurious Car finance, House Finance and international Travel Cruise. Be a true leader and go global with Bitdax incentives plan and rewards. For Detailed explanation to our Compensation Plan, please refer to the person who introduced you or attend any of our global event near you.

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